My Story

Holly Koslowski, "The Cupcake Lady"

Baking has been a passion of mine for as long I can remember.  Caring for people has also been a passion, which lead me to a 20 year nursing career. Back in January of 2013, while taking a leave of absence from my school nursing job to be home with my last son, I decided to start a home baking business, specializing in cupcakes and whoopie pies. I began to experiment with different recipes and soon started my in home bakery. I opened a business page on Facebook and began taking orders. By the summer, the business was really growing so I decided not to return to my school nursing job to stay home and continue baking.

We eventually converted our 2 car garage into a bakery, as it was growing too large to stay in our own kitchen. I started to become know as "The Cupcake Lady". Awhile later we decided to buy a beautiful farm in Holland and sell our Brookfield home, closing the bakery. My heart was sad but I loved the farm and thought it was great for our four boys, then ages 8,13,15, & 17. I went back to nursing but missed baking. After a year we made the decision to find a place to open a bakery in Sturbridge.

It's truly a dream come true. I hope to inspire people to follow your dreams-you can do it if you work hard and truly have a passion for it.

Thank you for reading my story!